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We want to stand out so we made a bold move using colour throughout all of our designs. Our mission at Rustic Wave is simple: we want to offer clothing to individuals of every background to express themselves with confidence and style. Whether you're a cowboy/cowgirl at heart, a beach lover or someone in between, there's a place for you at Rustic Wave Apparel. Join us in celebrating the beauty of diversity and the joy of shared experiences as we journey together, united by a love for adventure and a passion for fashion.


★★★★★MADDI .M
I love this kind of style, it's always caught my eye. I am a fan of the small logo on the front and the big one on the back & love the 3 colours you've chosen for the shirts. The yellow/orange/red & blue colour go very well together. I also absolutely love your logo, I think you've done very well to capture the country side of things with your own little twist and I love it.
★★★★★JARROD .H
I really like how you have tied together the country and coastal look by combining the cow skull and back drop of the ocean and palm trees. The colours really stand out and catch your eye instantly to.
★★★★★SARAH .G
RWA'S designs beautifully bring together traditional elements of country charm with coastal touches. I love how the vibrant colours blend! There's a unique niche that this brand touches and as someone who lives in a regional seaside town, it speaks volumes. Astutely executed designs.